Can you guarantee the accuracy of the data?

We take care to ensure accurate data, however we cannot guarantee that authorities will charge the predicted fee. We depend on the availability and accuracy of the information provided by the agencies. Furthermore, some national authorities may have different interpretations of regulatory activities (e.g. MAAs can be divided in “known” and “unknown” instead of the EU guidance). We have harmonised the data as much as possible, but there is some remaining subjective judgment. Some authorities state a price range in order to bill according to the actual complexity of an application. 

Where do you source the information?

We screen the homepages of the authorities biweekly. Links to the source documents are published here.

Do you charge for the service?

The service is offered free of charge.

I have never heard of Xendo Deutschland GmbH. What is your business?

Xendo Deutschland is the German 100% subsidiary of the Dutch pharmaceutical consultancy Xendo B.V.. The focus of Xendo Deutschland is Regulatory Consultancy. During our work with companies we came across many situations where a simple database would manage information so much better. This is why we have made a business out of it. We are not a software company. We are a regulatory company and thus understand your needs and translate them into a suitable data model and implementation scenario that is understood by database developers.

Please contact us for further information on regulatory databases: contact.fees[at]xendo.com
If you are interested in our regulatory services, please contact Dr. med. Eugene O'Keefe: Gene.OKeefe[at]xendo.com

I believe some of your information is not correct or should be interpreted differently. What do I do?

We welcome your feedback. Please send your corrections and / or suggestions to contact.fees[at]xendo.com.

My company likes to sponsor the project – how does it work?

Thanks for considering supporting our work. Please contact contact.fees[at]xendo.com. Generally, there will be a sponsorship contract that determines the amount and period of sponsorship. Sponsors’ logos are displayed at the home page. Clicking on the logos, links to the sponsor’s home page. Under the tab “partners” sponsors are listed again. Here, the sponsor can add one or two lines to describe its business.

Rather than sponsoring, I would be interested in placing advertisement. What is your click statistics?

Click statistics is gathered using the tool Google Analytics. Reports are on a monthly basis. Please contact us for a report and a quote: contact.fees[at]xendo.com

Getting reports sent by e-mail seems very convenient. Do I have to fear spam mails when entering my e-mail into your form?

Xendo Deutschland won’t give away e-mail addresses to anyone. E-mail addresses are only used to forward the report to you. With the terms and conditions of use, however, you agree that Xendo Deutschland can use your e-mail address for its own statistical analysis.