RegFee is working again

The RegFee calculator is restored and available again. We thank all users for their patience and hope that our intermediate solution was helpful for everyone.


We are currently recovering RegFee

As an intermediate solution we publish updated lists of all fees. Please use the list whenever the calculator is not available.


RegFee will be back soon

Due to maintenance work the RegFee calculator is currently unavailable. All services will be restored soon.


Fees for Denmark updated

Fees for the Danish agency DHMA are now updated in our system.


Xendo is Hiring

We are currently looking for a Consultant in Regulatory Data Management and for a Consultant in Regulatory Affairs.


Lithuanian Currency Changed to Euros

The currency for Lithuania has been changed to euros. Fees were adopted accordingly.


Fees Updated

At the beginning of the year fees have been changed in Belgium, Estonia, Poland and Spain.


PV fees added

Pharmacovigilance fees for the centralised procedure are now included in the RegFee calculator. Pharmacovigilance fees for the other procedures will follow next year.


New name for the Irish Medicines Board

The Irish Medicines Board (IMB) has changed its name to the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) on July 1.




EMA fees updated

The EMA adjusts fees to inflation. All EU fees increase by 1.5%. Updated fees are now available in RegFee.