Fees for Denmark updated

Updated fees for the DHMA are now available in RegFee (4.5% increase).


Xendo is hiring

Interested in an RA position in Berlin?


Fees for Latvia updated


Fees for the Latvian agency are now updated in our system. Please note that the agency handles fees in Euros now what did not lead to a big change in...



Fees for Poland updated


Updated fees for URPL are now available in our database. The fees went up for 5 percent.



Updating process fees 2014

Numerous agencies updated their fees with the beginning of the year. We currently work on the update of all these entries.


Fees for Belgium updated


FAMHP increased all their fees by a minor rate on 01/01/14. All updated are now integrated in our calculator.



Fees for Austria updated

AGES introduced an annual fee covering variations and renewals on 02/01/14.


Source documents

We are now tracking the update of links to source documents.


Fees for Czech Republic Updated


The Czech Republic updated their fees on 14/10/13. The fees are now available in RegFee. Major changes are e.g. for type IB variations.



Croatian Fees now included


From now on the Fees of the Croatian authority HALMED are available in our RegFee database.