Terms of use for sending this report

We would be happy to send you the report to your email address.

In case of sending the report to you, we automatically collect and store the information that you entered and the personal data necessary to send the report, particularly your email address.The collection and storage of this data is used to deliver the services you have requested and to evaluate individual document retrieval for the purpose of tailoring regulatory-fees.eu and the calculator to suit your needs. This data is not sent to third parties unless this is necessary by law on a case by case basis.

The report can be sent only if you consent to the collection, storage and processing of any information and personal data that you entered.

You shall at any time be entitled to information about the data that we hold about you, where the information comes from, who receives it and the purpose for which it is processed. If you have any questions on this matter or if you would like to withdraw any consent for future effect, please contact us at any time using the following email address: contact.fees[at]xendo.com